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Connection Tester

This applet allows you to test whether or not your client is reachable from the internet. Most likely your IP will be detected incorrectly, so enter the appropriate IP and port and click "Test" to begin the test. You should either get a message saying your client was contacted and a bunch of info about your client, OR a message saying your client could not be contacted. Another possible message is the detection of a "False Positive". This occurs when the applet reached an open port on your machine or a machine through which yours connects. However, the applet did not find an Overnet or eDonkey client at that port. If the applet does not load, then you are using Microsoft's Java plugin which is incompatible. You should be using the Java Plugin from Sun.

NOTE: I've been doing a lot of firewall hopping recently, trying to find the best one for me, and I've noticed that some firewalls don't block the connection this applet makes when they most definitely should. Unfortunately, without some sort of server hosting a second part of this application there's no way for me to get around that problem.

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