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eDonkey Firefox Extension v0.5.5


The eDonkey Firefox Extension allows you to use eDonkey as a download manager for all your files. Additionally it allows you to download ed2k enabled files where the webmaster has created a .ed2k file for the download giving eDonkey the filehash and other information. For an example of what a .ed2k file looks like take a look here . This allows users to download files without overly stressing webservers. All of the files available for download from this website are ed2k enabled.

Downloads (updated July 14, 2006)

Links: [ed2k] [http]
Size:8,110 Bytes

Requirements The eDonkey Firefox Extension requires Firefox v1.5+ available from The Mozilla Foundation.

Release Notes

The default download mode for the extension is to only download ed2k enabled files and files you specify when the download manager dialog is displayed. If for any reason the eDonkey executable cannot be found or launched then that specific download will not occur and the extension will change its download mode so that it intercepts no files.

Now has the ability to ignore certain links that you don't want checked. Automatically ignores links that contain ? or # or & as checking them makes no sense. The configuration dialog now has a box where link endings can be added for exclusion from the testing process. They should be separated by '|' and must be regular expressions (if you don't know what that means just put in a file extension).