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Uninstallation Instructions


The Windows uninstaller has been improved for v3.0.15.1, but in some cases it can still leave a few files behind. If you chose to have PartMetBackup run at startup when you installed then chances are it is still running, and if you uninstall while it is running it will cause three files to be left behind. Until I find a way to prevent that the workaround is to do this: Before uninstalling run the "PartMetBackup Stop" link in the MetFileRegenerator start menu folder. Then wait about a minute and uninstall. If you forget to do this, then you could also just go delete the folder where you installed MetFileRegenerator after you next reboot your computer. Or you could kill the javaw.exe task that's running PartMetBackup and then delete the folder.


Simply delete the zip file and the files you extracted from it.


Move to the trash.