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MetFileRegenerator v3.0.16

Downloads (updated October 8, 2006)

Windows: [ed2k] [http]
Size:264,047 Bytes

Linux: [ed2k] [http]
Size:177,590 Bytes

Mac OSX: [ed2k] [http]
Size:192,368 Bytes

Requirements MetFileRegenerator requires the Java Runtime Environment v1.4 or greater available from Sun Microsystems. It may work on other JVMs that support the 1.4 standard, but I do not test on them nor do I support them. Use them at your own risk, and keep in mind that any bugs you report may be a result of your JVM.


The language of your operating system will be automatically detected and MetFileRegenerator will be displayed in that language if it is available. If you'd like to change language during operation you may select "Change Language" from the "File" menu and then select from the languages listed. If you'd like to translate MetFileRegenerator, then please take a look here.

Mailing List

If you'd like to be kept up to date about new MFR releases and other news click here and send the email that is prepared for you.

Native Hashing

MetFileRegenerator v3.015 added support for using C++ libraries for the MD4 hashing required by the recovery process which boosts performance fairly significantly. Currently the Windows and Linux downloads have the appropriate libraries included, but the Mac OSX download does not as I don't have a Mac I haven't been able to compile and test the code. To see if MetFileRegenerator will try to use the native library go to Help >> System. If the line that reads "Native Hashing Available" has "true" at the end then MetFileRegenerator will use the native library, otherwise it will use the pure Java version.