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eDonkey Skins

This portion of my website is dedicated to all of the skins for eDonkey. If you've made a skin or know of a skin that I don't have listed, please tell me . Also remember that eDonkey now allows you to switch skins without restarting! Below are all the skins available for the newest version of eDonkey.


Alien Alien Mind Andromeda AOE III Arachnophobia ATI Catalyst Battlestar Galactica Blade Blaze DVD Blue Jeans Chrome Clockwork Blue Clockwork Green Clockwork Orange Control Center Cosmos Doom III Elvis eMule Platinum eMule Turbo Epoch eXeem Fancy 3D Fatal1ty Ferrari Fruity Steel Hi-Tech Hybrid Icarus Juventus Juventus in rosa Mask Matrix 3 ME-OW! MIB 2 MSN 6 Network Nucleo Odyssey OISG Over-Tech Palermo Panther Pixtudio Plastic Precious Purple Haze Razorback Razorback 2 Reflexion Ri-Tech Shades Simplicity Snake Eyes Snecx Ternana Ternana II Triangular Fantasy Valentino Rossi Varenne Warcraft Windsurfing Wi-Tech X-360 X-380 X-390 XX-Tech YAO Yin-Yang Zaxon ZX-Tech